Welcome to Ground Score

You have joined an exclusive group named, The Wandering Wook's Ground Score. 

Here we are all family. 

We are Mike, Austin, and Willow. We started our business in hopes to provide healthy, organic, locally grown options for produce, herbs, vegetables, as well as locally sourced items to our friends, family, and the people of our hometown.

After doing some thorough research on microgreens, we wanted everyone to know about them and their amazing health benefits. We then began growing them for personal use, and shortly after, for our local farmers markets. Microgreens have changed our lives in an amazing way and we know they can help change yours as well. 

We are a family-based business, that hopes to teach your family to live a healthier lifestyle alongside us.            We hope to show everyone of all ages, amidst various walks of life, the true benefits of healthy food. 

Our main goal is to serve our local community by providing organic microgreens, herbs, and vegetables while encouraging families to live a better, healthier life.

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