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Microgreens - Mild Mix

Microgreens - Spicy Mix

The mix is a blend of Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, Bull's Blood Beet, Mizuna, Curled Cress and China Rose Radish microgreens seeds.

Packed with flavor and nutrients. A mixture of different varieties to create a unique flavor and color combination of pink, green, and white. Tasty and a lovely garnish; add color to your salads and sandwiches!

Spicy Mix microgreens seeds blend contains: Purple Wave Mustard seeds, Mizuna Line Streaked Mustard seeds, Tatsoi Mustard seeds, Red Ursa Kale seeds, and Purple Vienna Kohlrabi seeds. Spicy mix makes a great base for any microgreens salad or sandwich!

Microgreens - Rainbow mix

Microgreens - Sunflower

Various shades of green and red, this Mild Mix Microgreens seeds blend is an easy to grow mix that contains Red Express Cabbage seeds, Lacanito Kale seeds, Tatsoi Black Knight Mustard seeds, Pak Choi Cabbage seeds and Mizuna Mustard seeds.

Sunflower shoots are clean, odorless, and an ideal crop for quick flavor, texture, crunch, and sweetness.

Microgreens - Radish

Its appearance is a delight, with its pretty red skin that changes to white at the tip. Perfect for substituting whenever you would normally use radish. 

All of our microgreens are priced at: 
2oz - $7
1/4lb - $12 
**unless specifically marked

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